Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a bodywork modality that aims to impact the connective tissue of the body - fascia - through gentle manipulations in specific sequences. Fascia is the blueprint of the body, interpenetrating and surrounding all muscles, organs, ligaments, and nerves - it is what holds us together and connects our body to every other part. Through manipulations of the fascia, Bowen Therapy works on a cellular level to reset nerve pathways, encourage blood and lymphatic flow, stabalise muscles and ligaments, and support balance in an animals overall body.

Is Bowen right for my animal?

Bowen can treat such a wide range of concerns, and also provide support alongside veteranary care. Some of the issues I have treated with Bowen Therapy are listed below: After whelping Aging bodies Aggression Alignment and improved performance in competing dogs Alignment for show animals Anxiety Arthritis Behavioural issues Body awareness Cruciate ligament issues Fast growing large dogs Growing puppies or kittens Learning difficulties Longevity for working dogs Luxating patella stabilisation Lymph node issues Muscular injuries Rehabilitation from amputation Rehabilitation from surgery Rehabilitation from x-rays or casts Rescue animals Skeletal alignment Skin conditions Stiffness Support in old age Supports recovery in epileptic animals If you have a question about your animal specifically, please do not hesitate to get in contact with my via the details found at the bottom of this page.

Bowen Therapy, Pets and Pals or Reactivity Retraining?

Bowen Therapy is ideal for your animal if they are suffering with physiological issues requiring bodywork support. Bowen can also work wonderfully for behavioural issues in impacting the nervous systems responsible for undesired behaviours. Pets & Pals Healing provides an opportunity for you to connect with your animal on a deeper level, we can work through physiologoical and behavioural concerns of your animal, but we also investigate your own healing needs in relation to them implementing both inuitive and integrative techniques. Reactivity Retraining is specifically for those who are working with a reactive dog (including fear reactivity towards humans or other dogs, possession issues, protective tendencies, etc) to experience a personalised plan to support owners and their dogs to learn suitable behaviours in a gentle and supportive way. Bowen therapy is a part of this training plan specifically impacting nerve responses.

How do I make a booking?

For mobile Bowen Therapy treatments, please contact me on 0422 731 575 or For Pets & Pals Healing please visit and follow the prompts.

Natural therapy recommendations

For animal friends: Australian Animal Oral Care - mobile anesthesia free dental cleaning for your pets! For human friends: Element Wellness & Healing - a range of natural and holistic therapies.

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