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At home animal first aid

It's so important to have a few items on hand for animal first aid when you are a fur parent. I like to keep my cupboards stocked with a mixture of natural and synthetic remedies for Bella and for any clients in need.

Here I have just a few of what I keep on hand:

- Moringa Linament: a topical anti-inflammatory for muscle aches, injury or heat, rich in antioxidants, omegas and essential vitamins.

- Activated charcoal: used to induce vomiting in emergency situations.

- Rapigel: an alcohol based linament for anti inflammatory purposes.

- Bandages: for muscle injury, to hold aspects of the Bowen in place for a particularly rowdy patient, or to cover wounds.

- Itchy Scratch: topical spray for itchy skin, rashes, wounds, and as a disinfectant.

- Australian Animal Oral Care spray: used to help break down tartre on teeth.

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