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"Prior to Bowen therapy with Baus, Frankie was receiving regular arthritis injections and I was being told to consider surgery for her luxating patella and intermittent limp. 4 years on, with scheduled maintenance visits Frankie is limp and arthritis medication free and more agile at 10 years old than she was when we first met Maddy.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Freyja, my younger Frenchie receives yearly tunes ups to keep her in peak condition and to help stave off injury while these two lunatics live their best, most active lives."⠀- Whitney, Frankie & Freyja

"For months I've been worried about going away on holiday and leaving my dog at the kennels. He's used to getting my undivided attention and doesn't really like being alone. When a friend suggested Maddy's pet sitting service it was such a relief to find a home away from home for Theodore. He loves staying with Maddy and adores playing with her dogs (Zap is his best friend). Maddy sends me pictures and updates daily and Theodore is always so well adjusted and happy when he gets home to me. It's such a comfort to know I can go away and leave my dog safe and happy with Maddy." - Emily & Theodore

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