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What Bowen is not...

▪️Bowen is not a quick fix - while transformations of my patients have been miraculous, Bowen continues to build over time, and in some cases requires regular yearly maintenance to ensure your animal is benefiting the most from it. I always like to have at least three Bowen sessions close together (the first two a week apart, the third, 2-3 weeks following) in order to maximise the effects, from there it is a case by case basis.

▪️Bowen is not “in leiu” of veterinary care. While I am a champion of alternative therapies, our vets are the guideposts for which we can trust in understanding the health of our pets. Bowen can help avoid surgery and support conditions that usually would require medication, but I encourage research and communication with your vet along the way, to ensure the best healthcare for your pet.

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