Canine & Small Animal

Bowen Therapy

Canine and small animal Bowen Therapy treatments involve the use of gentle and minimalistic physical modification of your pets musculoskeletal system.  This mobile, in home treatment provides a holistic bodywork solution for your dogs specific needs.


Bowen is able to treat a wide range of issues, including chronic diseases or ailments such as arthritis, support rehabilitation from surgery or avoid surgery in some cases, provide nerve re-calibration in behavioural issues such as reactivity and anxiety, and support our animals as their bodies change with age. 

To learn more about what Bowen is, head to our FAQ page, or get in contact with me through the details provided below.

Pets and Pals Healing

Pet's and Pal's Healing is offered onsite at Element Wellness and Healing in Malvern.  This 1.5 hour session is an opportunity for pet and owner to explore their relationship, connect in a new way, while experiencing healing and insight both individually and together. 

Through various intuitive techniques including reiki, intuitive guidance, behavioural modifications, physical manipulations, Bowen Therapy, and coaching and knowledge regarding animal welfare, these treatments aim to effect energetic changes and deeper understanding between animal and human. 

For more information, or if you would like to make a booking, please visit

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